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About us

Welcome to HCA (Hospitality Career Academy)

Our Aim is to:

  • Welcome learners; who are mature, resourceful, hardworking, and committed to their chosen career 
  • Provide our learners with a high-quality education, and help them to obtain transferable skills, which will be beneficial at both personal and academic levels
  • Ensure that our learners are very well prepared to start their career with confidence and with a positive professional attitude
  • Offer our learners great career opportunities by assisting them in finding their matching job in
  • Take the hospitality from a job to a culture, and from a standard service to serve by heart
  • Pursue enlightenment and creativity in the hospitality industry 
  • Create a transformative educational experience for learners, focused on deep experience knowledge, problem-solving, leadership, communication, interpersonal skills, and personal health and well-being
  • Contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence in the hospitality industry
  • Educate and develop the current industry associates through weekly & monthly articles by the hospitality leaders
  • Our academy aspires to be a national leader in developing hospitality education and career-ready learners, with meaningful and high-impact hospitality learning path
  • We aim to be known for our excellence in training. Prepare diverse and competitive learners for success in the hospitality industry
  • We will continue to frame and solve the greatest challenges of the hospitality industry
  • We aspire to attract the best trainers in the hospitality industry in order to be the first source for all the hospitality training in MENA
  • We aspire to be most trusted, easiest, fastest and modern source for all the hospitality vacancies in MENA 

Hospitality Career Academy Team